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For some years now, the publisher has visited the National Archives at Kew, Surrey, formerly the Public Record Office for England & Wales and the United Kingdom. Here, old documents are viewed and the names and other personal and family details are extracted. The information is then indexed by surname and forename and offered for sale.


The indexes are available on computer disk or CD-ROM. Every record in every index is fully referenced to the original document to enable you to make the most of the data and many popular series of documents are covered.


Starter CD


You will see from the products pages or the catalogue which indexes are available. In order to give you a flavour of what is available, a starter CD is available for just 12.50 plus p&p. This includes detailed introductions to all the indexes, with a sample from every one as well. Also included are

       Surname master index - Criminal Registers

       Surname master index - Militia Musters

       Surname master index - Seamen's Crewlists

       Free web download of a family tree program

       Latest FHi catalogue




Starter CD-ROM - 12.50



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