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HMS Hood A Short Account of her forbears and of herself

Copy on CD of a book originally published in c1925

Three formats included: .htm for web browsers; .pdf (Adobe); .doc (Microsoft Word)

CD-ROM 4.99

HMS Hood postcards

Copies of over 350 different cards relating to the Hood and/or the Empire Cruise

Adobe .pdf format; November 2006 Edition

CD-ROM 6.99

Empire Cruise Programmes and Official Souvenirs

Scans of over twenty items in their entirety relating to the Hood and the Empire Cruise (almost 500 pages)

Adobe .pdf format

CD-ROM 6.99

Empire Cruise Official Photograph Album

Complete copy of both the Battle-Cruiser and Light Cruiser variants (over 400 photos)

Adobe .pdf format

CD-ROM 6.99

HMS Hood glossy print (approx 10x6)

From a hand-coloured original photo taken in Australia on the Empire Cruise



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