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The Jutland Roll of Honour was originally published on floppy disk and microfiche.  It contained lists of officers and ratings (almost 7,000 men) based upon data obtained from Class ADM 104 at the National Archives - the Admiralty Registers of Killed and Wounded.


To mark the anniversary of the Battle of Jutland, the original work has now been updated and expanded by cross-referencing with:


·       Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) online database

·       National Archives (TNA) Registers of Seamen’s Services

·       Naval Who’s Who of 1917

·       Limited reports in Ships’ logs

·       Other lists



New in this edition are:


·       Updated Roll of Honour

·       Full List of almost 7,000 men killed or wounded

·       Clickable links to over 1,400 Commonwealth War Graves Records*

·       Admiral Jellicoe’s Despatch - an unusual contemporary, hand-written copy

·       Ships’ Data:

·       Battle Order with ships’ statistics and casualty totals

·       Damage reports for ships hit or sunk

·       Diagrams and drawings to illustrate the damage reports

·       Extras:

·       Reproduction of a contemporary booklet

·       Images of personal ephemera, medals and correspondence

·       Images of some of the ships taken from contemporary postcards

·       “New Perspectives”

·       Essay based on original Cabinet and Admiralty documents

·       Provides “new” perspectives on the Battle.

·       Includes much new material, even after a hundred years!




Files on CD are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.PDF) and support searching and printing as well as many options for navigation.  Acrobat Reader software may be downloaded from  The PDF files are also compatible with Apple MAC, UNIX and Windows XP if you already have the Reader software or download it from

* Feature requires internet access



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