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Military Courts  (1879-1994)

(Royal Navy, 1911-1965;  Royal Air Force, 1941-1994;

Army, 1879-1986;  Soldiers Executed, 1914-1920)


Completely cross-referenced, this publication lists name, date, offence and type of proceedings, along with other details where available, such as rank, unit and related documents.  Includes a number of civilians as well as a wide range of offences.  2,000 records; now enhanced by a new file: “Shot at Dawn” (Western Front, 1914-1920).




Files on CD are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.PDF) and support searching and printing as well as many options for navigation.  Acrobat Reader software may be downloaded from  The PDF files are also compatible with Apple MAC and UNIX if you already have the Reader software or download it from


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