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Three best-selling indexes to miscellaneous personal names (1605-1994)


Each is an A to Z collection covering the whole UK and they contain over 36,800 records from a variety of sources. Entries are sorted alphabetically by surname and several personal details are given for each record as well as the full TNA document reference number.


PRONames 1, 2 and 3 contain a varied selection of records chosen from the following series:


ADM Admiralty

AIR Air Ministry

AVIA Ministry of Aviation

BT Board of Trade

CAB Cabinet Office

CHES Palatinate of Cheshire

CO Colonial Office

FO Foreign Office

HCA High Court of the Admiralty

HD Secret Intelligence Service

HO Home Office

KB Court of the King's Bench

MEPO Metropolitan Police

MH Ministry of Health

MINT Royal Mint

PC Privy Council

PCOM Prison Commission

PIN Ministry of Pensions

PMG Paymaster General

RAIL Railways

RG Registrar General

SP State Paper Office

T Treasury

TS Treasury Solicitor

WO War Office

ZJ London Gazette



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Files on CD are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.PDF) and support searching and printing as well as many options for navigation. Acrobat Reader software may be downloaded from The PDF files are also compatible with Apple MAC and UNIX if you already have the Reader software or download it from





All three PRONames volumes on one CD-ROM - 7.50



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